What’s The Difference between Vacuum Hair Clippers and Vacuum Hair Trimmers?

However, as great as these devices are, you shouldn’t buy one without proper research. Unfortunately, busy people also don’t have enough time to study all available options in detail. This guide exists for just such individuals. It contains everything you need to know about vacuum clippers.

Still, if you feel that you don’t have enough time for even that, you have the option to skip straight to our reviews of the 10 best vacuum hair clippers available in the market right now. Just use the following, quick skip navigation panel.

When you start considering vacuum clippers, you’ll soon come across vacuum trimmers. These two devices, while similar, have different purposes.

Vacuum hair clippers are designed to shorten long hair while vacuum trimmers are meant to trim already short hair. In practice, this usually means that clippers aren’t great for close cuts while trimmers can’t handle a lot of hair.

The idea is that you shouldn’t get vacuum hair clippers if you want to shave off all your hair or even if you want a buzz cut. Similarly, while your trimmers will do well with a standard length beard, they won’t be a very useful addition to Santa Claus’s bathroom closet.

Despite this technical difference, manufacturers are quickly coming up to speed with the market and its specific demands, namely the need to be able to do both – cut close and trim long. This is why many modern vacuum hair clippers come with trimming attachments designed to handle close cuts.

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