The Special Features of Pet Hair Clippers

The pet hair clippers are categorized as either corded or cordless and, obviously, the corded clippers don’t require prior charging before using them while the cordless models have a battery that needs to be charged before use. They are easier to use and give you the flexibility to work on your pet’s most sensitive spots. Their batteries are, however, small and may not be efficient if you are grooming a large pet with lots of hair.

One of the key features to look out for in your pet hair clipper is the power of the motor. The corded hair clippers use either magnetic, rotary, pivot or heavy-duty motors. Magnetic motors are the most affordable units on the market while the rotary motors are the most expensive. The magnetic motor uses a spring and electromagnets to create the vibrations. The pivot motors don’t use a spring but have two electromagnets making them stronger than the magnetic motors. Their blades are relatively slower. The rotary motors on their part use specially designed hair clippers to cut the pet hair.

Another handy feature to look out for is the power. It is important that your clipper has enough power to trim through your pet’s hair smoothly. The clipper power is mostly measured as Strokes Per Minute (SPM). For unkempt pets, you should choose a unit that has more than 3,000 SPM. Some models have higher SPM values but come with issues of heat, noise, and vibrations. You should, therefore, focus beyond SPM value when choosing the best model. Most good models have a power of between 3000 SPM and 5000 SPM. These units are relatively quiet and won’t scare away your pets. Some of the pet areas are sensitive and won’t require a lot of power to trim them and finally you may erase pet hair with vacuum cleaning product.

Next you need to look into factor that is closely related to the power and that is the battery power. Most clippers use lithium batteries and a good lithium battery should be able to cut for up to two hours. Most units on the market will give you about one hour of cut time.

Additionally, you need to make sure that the blades are sharp and long-lasting because high-quality blades are a good indicator of the durability of the pet hair clipper. Therefore, you should choose sharp blades to ensure that the hair doesn’t snag during use. You can choose so-called self-sharpening blades to enjoy the benefit of a long-lasting sharpness. These blades are also 40 percent more effective (faster) than most other blades when it comes to cutting. There are also other good blade options that include high-carbon steel, surgical-grade, and high-precision steel. It all boils down to the fact of how you are going to use your clipper and the good thing is that you can choose between so many different blade sizes.

Talking about the blade size, the sizing is mostly denoted by a # symbol. If you intend to leave something like 0.5 inches of the coat, then a #3 blade will be an ideal choice. A blade size of #7/8 will trim close to the skin and is a good choice for trimming toes and feet.

Most clippers will also some with various comb guards. Even though professional clippers don’t use comb guards, most other hair clippers will take advantage of the comb guards in order to achieve smooth professional cut. They work well on a straighter breed than the curly ones. You should also ensure that there are no knots for effective use of the comb guards. If you are going to use the comb guards frequently, then it is important to purchase a high-end chrome comb for your pets.

Tips and Tricks

It is common that pets get easily scared by the sound of a clipper. It is therefore important to train your pet to get used to a hair clipper so that you don’t get a machine that you can’t use. One way of training them is to place the clipper closer to their bodies while it is switched off and leaving it there for a while. You can even touch their hair with it to make them see it as something not to be afraid of. In the meantime, you need to practice every function of the clipper to ensure that you have the necessary skills to properly use it. Some of the aspects you need to train yourself include switching between speeds and how to switch it off swiftly in case of emergencies.

For the trimming process, you need to do some preparatory procedures. You should, for instance, check to ensure that there are no knots or tangles on the pet’s body. Such knots can cause uneven and horrific cuts during trimming. You also need to regulate the blade temperatures to ensure that the clipper doesn’t overheat during use. Ensure there is a coolant to cool down the blades and some spare blades before even you commence the trimming process. It is advisable to avoid using water for cool purposes as this will wet your pet. The hair clipping will result in a lot of fur that requires being cleaned. You should, therefore, have a handheld vacuum cleaner ready for faster and convenient cleaning process.

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