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Is there any risk of brain damage resulting from vibrations being transmitted through the skull as a result of using electric hair clippers?

The brain is fully capable of withstanding those vibrations, and much more that you likely withstand on a daily basis. Turning your head quickly, for example, causes rapid pressure changes within the skull. But the brain isn’t so sensitive. It’s encased in the skull, three layers of meninges and bathing in cerebrospinal fluid, all of which combine to be excellent buffers between the brain and the outside world. Unless you bang your head badly enough to get a concussion, there’s nothing [...]

Tips for Choosing the Suitable Hair Clipper for Children

Infant haircut is essential to ensure hygiene and aesthetics brings. Especially, with the newborn baby, hot summer is the time need a haircut. However, not always bear baby “collaboration” Where in this issue, especially when outdoors hair cut hair salon. Stranger will make children feel fear while they are cutting. If the intended mother shopping for baby hair clippers for self-haircuts to ensure efficient and safer, please refer to the following useful information to choose the trimmer line with demanding [...]

Baby Haircut Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1 What should I watch out for baby haircuts? First of all, you should distract the baby’s attention. Let the baby feel that haircut is a pleasant thing. Relieve baby’s psychological fear; Secondly, the first haircut should be fully prepared. Having a good first haircut will make baby less fear of haircuts. After completed, you should praise baby’s new hairstyle. Keep your baby happy and more easily adapt to haircuts; finally, take a bath as soon as possible when completed. [...]

Baby’s First Haircut

Worried your baby will freak about her first haircut? These snippy strategies will keep her calm. You might think your child’s first trip to the salon is the cutest ever, but she won’t see it that way. To her, being wrapped in a plastic cape, squirted with water, and attacked with sharp scissors by a stranger is just plain scary. “This is a peak time for stranger anxiety, and haircutting salons have lots of unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells that [...]

How to make a Right Choice of Baby Hair Clipper?

A baby hair clipper is a perfect tool to cut growing hairs of babies. Scissors should not be used for cutting children’s hair as it might turn out to be dangerous for them. When you cut baby hairs, small babies generally make movements of their heads. Hence, one should always use high-quality baby hair clipper. Many people experience difficulty in selecting the right hair clipper for their baby. In this post, we have mentioned the certain criteria which one [...]

What Is the Difference Between Cutting Hair With Scissors & Razor Cutting Hair?

Stylists use several tools to cut hair: scissors, razors, thinning shears and clippers. Each tool creates a different texture in the hair, affecting how the hair looks after it is styled. The type of tool used may even determine how the hair is styled. For example, razored styles are often finger styled or straightened because curling these cuts is difficult due to the jagged edges the razor creates. Tools Shears, or scissors, and razors are two of the most common tools [...]

How to Use Hair Clippers

Haircuts can get very expensive very quickly, particularly if you maintain a short hairstyle. Luckily, cutting hair with hair clippers isn’t terribly difficult to do. You’ll need to learn the basics of cutting, including familiarizing yourself with clipper guard numbers. Then, start clipping based on what hairstyle you want. Follow up with a bit of trimming for a more professional look, and learn how to care for your clippers.   Part 1 Gearing Up to Cut Start with a good wash. Hair should be [...]

Can You Cut Dog Hair With Human Clippers?

When you are desperate to get your dog’s hair trimmed or shaved, without having to pay a dog groomer to do the job, it can be tempting to use the human clippers you have lying around. The idea of purchasing an entire new set of grooming tools for your dog might leave you wondering, “Can you cut dog hair with human clippers?” Cutting Your Dogs Hair At Home With Clippers The truth is that you do need special clippers for your [...]