What to Consider Before Buying Vacuum Hair Clippers

Review the Vacuum Feature

The vacuum must be placed close to the cutting head so it can collect your hair. The vacuum should have enough room to handle all of your hair. The suction power must also be strong enough to handle what you cut. The opening for the vacuum container should take in your hair with ease as well. Don’t forget to see how well you can clean out the container without hair coming out while doing so.

Motor Functions

The motor included in your vacuum trimmer is critical to its success. Specifically, you might find two motors in your clipper set. One motor may work for the trimmer function, while the second motor powers the vacuum. Having two motors provides you with more control over the cutting process. The risk of your trimmer running out of power or slowing down when you reach longer bits of hair should be minimal.

Helpful Attachments

The attachments on your trimmer cannot be ignored. Your trimmer may come with several attachments that cover specific types of hair. You can use some long-hair attachments to cover the toughest to trim spots. Some blending or detailing attachments may assist you with trimming specific effects around your hair. Some high-end attachments feature unique cutting heads that target slim or narrow spots around your face to give you a clean shave.

Blade Quality

The blades must be strong enough to cut through your hair in as little time as possible. The blades need to be firm and strong enough to get through long bits of hair. Some blades may be a little closer than others. Don’t forget about how any extra attachments are built. Stainless steel has become a standard for some manufacturers, although ceramic or titanium materials may work. Either way, you’ll have blades that will last for years if maintained well enough.

Handle Point

The handle on a vacuum trimmer may feel different from what you would get out of a traditional trimmer. A vacuum trimmer may come with a slightly bulkier body, what with it needing to handle a full vacuum compartment. But the handle can come with a small groove or bend in its body. A quality model should also fit in either hand so you’ll have a comfortable fit.

Battery Review

Check on the battery on your trimmer before you start using it. Look at how the battery operates on your trimmer. The battery needs to have enough power to go through your face and provide you with a full shave. The good news is that many trimmers operate with around an hour of battery power. Some models can be plugged into a wall and used from there. Review how long it would take for you to get a battery powered up all the way as well.

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