Baby Haircut Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1 What should I watch out for baby haircuts?

First of all, you should distract the baby’s attention. Let the baby feel that haircut is a pleasant thing. Relieve baby’s psychological fear; Secondly, the first haircut should be fully prepared. Having a good first haircut will make baby less fear of haircuts. After completed, you should praise baby’s new hairstyle. Keep your baby happy and more easily adapt to haircuts; finally, take a bath as soon as possible when completed. Prevent hair from stabing baby’s skin and keep baby’s skin comfortable.

2. How often should give baby a haircut?

Hair too long is not good for volatilization of sweat, which will make baby’s head breeds bacterias. Also because baby’s poor immune easyily be infected disease. If hair long enough to reach the eyes, the baby will blink, ,shake, and it is easy to hurt the baby’s eyes and develop bad habits. Therefore, we recommend that you give your baby a haircut every month.

3 Why advocate haircut at home?

First, it is convenient: You can cut your baby’s hair anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to learn the skills of haircut. You can do it when sleeping or bathing. second reason is safety and health: to prevent cross-contamination of haircuts, hair clippers are specially treated. Haircuts at any angle will not hurt your baby’s scalp. Third, affection: Avoid the troubles that children will make when they go out for a haircut and create good opportunities for parent-child interaction. Improving the relation of parents and babies.and now you can easily buy home hair clippers online for toddlers

4. What should do if hair get stuck during haircut?Hair be stuck usually happen in the following three situations: First, child’s hair is too thick, and hairdressing speed too fast, too many hair causes hair clipper get stuck. So try to slow down as you do, shave repeatedly, and clean up the tips of the cutter. Second, the baby hair clipper in low power, the speed of the cutter head will slow down. This will cause hair stuck. so the baby hair trimmer needs to be charged in time, and of course, it can be used while charging. Third, when the baby hair clipper is used for a long time cause the cutter head worn and the shearing force reduced. In this case ,new cutter heads need to be replacement.

5. Don’t know haircut yet, Is it safe to give child a haircut? Will it hurt the child?

It’s easy to cut your baby’s hair. It’s not as difficult as imagined. As mentioned earlier, children are young and don’t pay much attention to hairstyles. Even the hairstyle not good , it doesn’t matter. However, with the patience and skill it is easy to manage a handsome hairstyle. a comb can be used along with the baby hair clipper when shaving baby hair. At the same time, the head of cutter also should isolated from the baby’s scalp, so that the baby’s skin is not scratched.

6. Can 4 months old baby shaven head ?

From medical point of view, for babies younger than nine months old, the top of skull is not completed formed. Try not to be exposed. For this reason, it is recommended that babies younger than 1 year old hair should not be cut too short.

7. What should I notice when using the baby clipper?

Before giving haircut, can put 1-2 drops of oil to the baby’s hair cutter head. Then use hand or other soft object to slide back and forth on the cutter head. This will make the cutter head run more smoothly and enhance the shearing force of the baby hair clipper. After haircut, remember to use brush to clean the shavings on the cutter head, wipe it with a dry cloth, and put a small amount of lubricant on it. This can greatly extend the service life of clipper.

8 Will the clipper sound affect the baby’s eardrum development?

You can choose baby clipper sound is light and soft, unlike sharp sound of traditional hair clipper. it should close to the normal frequency of people’s daily life sounds, and it will not make feel uneasy or Discomfort. You can also choose to buy silent one.

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