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Can You Cut Dog Hair With Human Clippers?

When you are desperate to get your dog’s hair trimmed or shaved, without having to pay a dog groomer to do the job, it can be tempting to use the human clippers you have lying around. The idea of purchasing an entire new set of grooming tools for your dog might leave you wondering, “Can you cut dog hair with human clippers?” Cutting Your Dogs Hair At Home With Clippers The truth is that you do need special clippers for your [...]

Is There a Difference Between Dog Clippers And Human Clippers?

If you have a quality set of either than yes, there are quite a few differences between human and dog clippers. The biggest difference in dog clippers and human clippers is the heartier materials of which the dog clippers are made. Your hair is not the same as dog fur. Your hair is thinner and therefore the blades on a human set of clippers are set closer together. If you use human clippers on a dog, there’s a high [...]