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Cutting your baby’s nails

Cutting your baby’s nails safely It’s hard to believe soft, gurgling little newborns can grow such sharp, ragged nails, but with their movements still so uncoordinated, they can easily scratch themselves, and you! So when your baby is still tiny you’ll need to become a pro at cutting the smallest nails you’ve ever seen. Here’s how to get baby nails super soft while keeping your little one’s fingers and toes safe. Newborn nails Newborn babies tend to have soft, flexible nails that grow [...]

How to trim your baby’s nails

Should I trim my baby’s nails? Yes. Your baby’s nails may be softer and more pliable than yours, but make no mistake – they’re sharp! A newborn has little control over his flailing limbs and can easily end up scratching his own face or yours. Little fingernails grow so fast you may have to cut them several times a week. Toenails require less frequent trimming. How do I trim my baby’s nails without cutting his fingertips? The best time to do this is [...]