Is There a Difference Between Dog Clippers And Human Clippers?

If you have a quality set of either than yes, there are quite a few differences between human and dog clippers. The biggest difference in dog clippers and human clippers is the heartier materials of which the dog clippers are made. Your hair is not the same as dog fur. Your hair is thinner and therefore the blades on a human set of clippers are set closer together. If you use human clippers on a dog, there’s a high likelihood of jamming them. The metal on dog clippers are also a thicker and heavier construction because cutting thicker hair/fur requires a bit more heft.

If you use your dog clippers on your hair, the thinner hair will be cut slightly less even. And while you want your dog to be stylish, if he isn’t bringing his 100% perfect cut to the park, no one will even notice. (Unless you have a show dog, of course.) If you cut your hair with dog clippers, people will notice. Unfortunately, the two products, so similar in design, are still not interchangeable.

How often should dog grooming clippers be cleaned?

Each clipper set will come with specific instruction, but as a general rule, you should brush your clippers off after every use, ridding them of all hair and debris. How often you use the blade wash on them will depend on how often you use them. But you should do it frequently to maintain your blades. Once a week you should clean or vacuum the air vents. Grease and oil the clipper blades every 2 months. Take care not to allow any oil into the casing – always hold clippers pointing down while cleaning or oiling the blades.

You should also try to replace the hinge or blade latch (whatever mechanism that holds the blade to the clipper) every 4 months or so. There are also carbon brushes within the clippers you may want to replace (see the clipper’s instruction manual). While some of this frequency of cleaning and replacing is intended for clippers that are used on a regular basis, you should be able to notice wear and tear on these parts. Keeping an eye on your clippers is always the best form of maintenance.

Can you shave a matted dog or a wet dog?

While brushing mats out of your dog’s fur should always be the preference, it may not always be possible. Whether you’ve let the grooming get away from you, or your pup has gotten into something, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes brushing out mats just isn’t an option. If that’s the case, then your best bet is probably to shave him. But shaving through matted hair can be incredibly hard on your clippers. If you wet your dog down before shaving, it’s called wet shaving and it’s a good idea to save your blades and your poor pup’s skin. In several cases, the hair can be left longer if you use this process rather than dry shaving because clean and wet skin and fur allow the clippers to go through the coat more smoothly.

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