Infant Feeding Bottle Sterilization – Baby Bottle Accessories For Comfort And Cleanliness

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Today we will talking about infant feeding bottle sterilization.

Good sanitation protects infants from water-borne diseases and food-borne infections. The assurance of health starts from choosing the right milk, to the right feeding bottle and nipple to having other baby bottle accessories that ensure the temperature and cleanliness. Brushes are designed to clean the corners and bottom of the bottles removing curds and other particles that get stuck inside and the baby bottle warmer is the machine to keep the temperature. Usually these brushes come with two useful ends: one for cleaning the bottle and the other for cleaning the nipple. The latter is much softer and smaller to fit the silicon and plastic teats. Some brushes however have ends with attached foam piece that covers larger areas than brush ends. Moreover, a few bottle brush are too hard that scratch of the walls inside the bottles and can even rip off nipples. Choose the brush with normal stiffness – strong enough to scrape off dirt yet soft enough to avoid scratch. The use of these brushes makes cleaning easier and more comfortable for nursing mothers.


Sterilization of baby bottles and other nursing bottle accessories is essential in achieving one hundred percent sanitation. A bottle sterilization appliance uses steam and also accommodates other infant accessories. Usually, the appliance is composed of eight holes where baby bottles can be placed and the ninth hole at the center can be the place for nipples and cups. However, some commercial feeding bottles cannot withstand the boiling heat that they melt or get distorted in the boiling process. Close monitoring of the sterilization process is important. Moreover, modern day mothers no longer opt for sterilization. They have found bottle cleaning with warm or hot soapy water more convenient.


Express bottle sterilizers are also one of the practical nursing bottle accessories. With these sterilizers bottles and food are heated in just few minutes while retaining food nutrients and taste. This is another sensible accessory that maximizes cleaning tasks for mothers.


In the absence of the sterilizer appliance, sterilizer bags, on the other hand, are known to heat up bottles, pacifiers and nipples in just a minute. It disinfects feeding bottles and accessories getting rid of harmful bacteria and germs. These bags are disposable though they can be used more than ten times.


After brushing your baby bottle in hot soapy mixture of water and sterilizing them, one of the useful baby bottle accessories includes the bottle drying rack. This is where baby bottles are placed for drying. Choose drying racks that do not consume too much space and those that could also dry other feeding tools like nipples and drinking cups. Choose the racks that are properly covered allowing good flow of air while protecting the bottles from dust and other particulates.


All baby bottle accessories are especially designed and manufactured for convenience of every nursing mom and for the safety of every infant. Mothers play an important role in ensuring safety and sanitation for every baby feeding activity by choosing the right accessory to aid them in cleaning. Baby bottles are the primary medium of feeding the baby. Cleaning them with appropriate tools is giving your baby the assurance of health.


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