How To Cut Back On Haircut Trauma When Babies Hate Haircuts?

Many a toddler is known to shrink in fear at the sight of the haircutting scissors or shriek hysterically when held still for a snip. Parents who’ve faced down the problem share their best tips for cutting back on haircut trauma.

Ease the fear

Parents used electric clippers for their baby. It helped to have her favorite baby doll there (who has plastic hair) and to have them take turns. Seeing her baby doll’s hair get ‘cut’ helped her see there was nothing to be afraid of.

Go with the pros

Ask around and see if there’s a place in your area that caters specifically to kids. You can have a place like that where we live. They have toys your baby can play with while you are waiting to get his hair cut, a chair that’s like a little car with a motor and horn, and DVD players at every station. Your baby gets so distracted by these things he hardly notices he’s getting a haircut. He doesn’t sit perfectly still, by any means, but it’s nowhere near as horrible as it could be.

Find a distraction

With your toddler, you put stickers all over the gown, and he’s so focused trying to take them off that the cut is over before he knows what’s going on.

Sweeten the deal

Lollipops come attached to a ring work great! Baby is far too busy with his lollipop to notice what’s being done to his hair. This is the only time we give him candy, so he loves getting his hair cut!

Use automatic inhaling vacuum baby hair clippers and trimmers

Ultra Quiet✔ This baby hair clipper has very low working noise which is less than 45db, making the babies no fear to the hair-cut, and it will not wake babies up even when they are sleeping.

Easy Operation✔ Streamline body curve for you convenient handling. Equipped with 3-6mm, 9-12mm guide combs, which give your baby a easy and fast hair cutting with no fear of making mistakes.

Convenient & Rechargeable✔ Adopt high-capacity and durable Li-Po rechargeable battery, USB portable charging, can be charged by desktop, laptop, portable source, etc.


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