How Should You Choose A Vacuum Hair Clipper?

Vacuum hair clippers of today are quite advanced and possess numerous cutting edge features. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming trying to sort through their multiple features. Here are a few factors you should be considering while choosing between multiple vacuum hair clippers.

Vacuum Feature

Enssu comes with inbuilt vacuum functionality. This means that the collection chamber and the suction motor are both part of the same device. This reduces the hassle of using the vacuum cleaner but it also reduces the amount of hair you can collect at one go. You may even have to clean the chamber in the middle of your session.

Blade Quality

Even though motors are important, it is really the blades that decide the cutting power and durability of the clippers.

You’ll find clippers with stainless steel blades and titanium coated stainless steel blades. Both are fine but titanium coating adds more staying power not only for the blades but also for their edges.

You’ll also have to consider if you’re okay with oiling the blades before every cutting session. The majority of models out there need their blades oiled, which is why most of them come with a bottle of oil. Oiling helps maintain the blades and their edges too. A few hair clippers won’t require oiling but this means that their cutting efficiency will fade away with time.


It is also advisable to consider attachments, guards, and other accompaniments. You’ll need to evaluate your specific requirements and then check if the provided attachments are enough to cater to them.

For example, professional or barber class hair clippers won’t have as many guides and attachments because barbers are expected to have separate attachment kits. Similarly, clippers designed exclusively for home use may not have taper or adjustment lever because that is mainly a professional requirement.

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