Guangzhou Enssu Baby Products Co., Ltd Announces Waterproof And Rechargeable Enssu Quiet Baby Hair Clippers

Guangzhou Enssu Baby Products Co., Ltd has a number of baby care products in its portfolio, and its silent, waterproof and rechargeable baby hair clipper is an adorable and safe product to keep children’s hair tidy and well organized.

All parents want their children to have a well-groomed look. And keeping their hair tidy and organized could be a matter of great concern for every parent or a nanny. To help address this issue, China based Guangzhou Enssu Baby Products Co., Ltd has designed a silent baby hair clipper as a perfect tool to keep a baby’s hair well-trimmed and tidy. The hair clipper operates quietly and one can cut a baby’s hair while he is asleep. The hair clipper comes with several amazing features that can appeal to every parent.


According to the spokesperson of the company, the product has been designed keeping the safety of the kids in mind and the convenience a parent often requires while trying to cut his/her baby’s hair. A kid may simply not allow to cut his hair, and the baby hair clipper designed by the company makes this task easier for every parent. The product comes with an assistant lighting that guides the person in cutting a baby’s hair. It also features USB portable charging and may not take more than an hour to completely charge the hair clipper. One can charge the product through a laptop, desktop or other devices that have a USB port. The spokesperson reveals that the product features a low noise design and it does not interfere with the peace of a sleeping baby. It could be a lot easier for a parent to cut the hair of the baby while he is asleep.


The Enssu quiet baby hair clipper has a whole waterproof body, and one can easily clean or wash it after cutting the hair of a baby. The product has an ergonomic design and one can easily hold it to carry out the hair cutting task of the baby. The design also features an anti-dropping finger ring, and one can also hang the product in a place, so that it can remain inaccessible to the baby. The spokesperson reveals that the hair clipper creates very less vibration and which do not scare babies. It also generates dismissal heat, which is again not uncomfortable for a child. The product also features a silicone blade protecting cap that ensures a baby’s safety.


Enssu focuses on cute designs that could be attractive and fun for a little child. Available in a variety of designs and colors, kids will adore the product. Moreover, the company is open to customize the designs for the wholesale buyers. The product comes with a visible LED electricity display, which looks very attractive and also guides about the charging requirement of the product. The hair clipper comes with an anti-hair struck design and which helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the product. It also comes with a safety child lock, which ensures a child’s safety, even if the child manages to get a hold on it. The clipper allows to choose between two rotational speeds, and which one can set according to the hair density of the child.

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