Can a baby bottle warmer give proper treatment to breast milk?

Bottle warmers for babies were created with the purpose of helping parents in the correct feeding of their children, in a simple and fast way, since in many occasions and for various reasons they require that this be the process.

Many parents need to feed their babies with breast milk.

There are fathers and mothers who have found the need to feed their children through breast milk but not in a direct way, that is, the milk has been extracted in advance and who needs to feed the child will have to heat part of this before you can do it.

For this process, traditional methods such as putting the milk in the stove are usually used, but if it is not done correctly, the structure of the milk could change, and its caloric intake could vary, decreasing in most cases.

They fear that the use of the baby bottle warmer could damage the milk.

Because breast milk is so delicate, many parents fear that the use of a baby bottle warmer may adversely affect its content, which is why they avoid doing so, since they believe that these devices are not capable of treating it properly. .

The truth is that a baby bottle warmer is able to perfectly perform the heating of breast milk, can perform this process better than the stove, because, so that it does not lose its nutrients should be heated to a suitable temperature and for the necessary time.

Reasons why a baby bottle warmer is ideal for heating breast milk.

Breast milk is a very delicate substance and to store it is necessary to keep it always refrigerated, otherwise it could be completely damaged, but we know that a baby can not consume cold breast milk, so it is necessary to use some tool to heat the food, for that we can use a baby bottle warmer.

The baby bottle warmer is ideal for heating breast milk for the following reasons.

Use a natural method for warming up. When you want to heat any food quickly, we usually resort to the benefits of microwave oven, but it is no secret to anyone that the influence of microwaves on food is able to change the composition of the same.

The baby bottle warmer has a compartment to put a little water, and the temperature of this is the one that affects the breast milk that is heating in it, so that it does not intervene on its composition.

Its heating is done slowly. It is important for all parents to warm their breast milk (through any method) to know that there is no quick way to do it, and the reason is quite obvious.

By printing too high temperatures on breast milk, it will completely lose all its nutrients, therefore the food will not have its positive properties available to the child.

If a baby bottle warmer is used, the mother’s milk will receive temperatures that will rise gradually until reaching the ideal temperature for the food to warm up perfectly.

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