According to barbers, what’s the difference between a scissor cut and a trimmer/clipper cut?

A trimmer/clipper cut is for extremely short hair cuts that require little time and skill set to do a basic cut. They come with guards or “cutting guides” that you clip on the unit. It’s a fast way to bang out one person every 10 minutes on a military base or to work on children that won’t sit for a full scissors comb haircut.

You have probably noticed with the trend of Barber shops becoming more popular again, that there are special clippers for detail drawing on the scalp. They have a smaller blade base with different attachments to do funky designs on a client. We’ve been doing these same things for decades but the new onslaught of Barber’s are getting new implements that were not previously available. We didn’t need them.

Shears and comb cutting is exactly that. You use a barber comb, with different lengths and your scissors. You point cut or precision cut to get the desired style. It takes more time but it’s a much better haircut when you get your hands right into it.

Scissors over comb is how I prefer to do hair. I get the feel of the clients hair in my hands. More control and way more precise cutting over a clipper unit. If I have a large group to do a basic #4 to fade on, clippers are effective and efficient. I always get my scissors out to do the fine details no matter what. It’s just my preference.

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